Queerstories is a collaboration of Olivia Robinson, Dr. Kate Drabinski, and Rachael Shannon. We emerge as artists, amateur historians, gadabouts, friends, and neighbors creatively articulating stories of queer life, history, and culture in Baltimore, MD. Using large-scale projection; ‘Lezbian Popcorn’; and a host of other tactics, we gather and tell stories, create archives, and generally celebrate queer culture. Find us on Facebook.

Can We Crop


racially..policies crop Above: We Were Here/We Are Here Projection Event in celebration of National Coming Out Day.

Queerstories‘ Lezbian Popcorn Cart  is a mobile monument to queer hystories. With a nod to lesbian cultural corn traditions, and an opportunity to repeatedly say the word ‘lesbian’ out loud,  The Lezbian Popcorn Cart engages participants in conversation with a little bit of anecdotal queer herstory gracing each freshly popped bag.

Three Bags crop