Breastival Vestibule


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BREASTIVALVESTIBULE is an installation of inflatable architecture that welcomes participants into its soft, responsive walls, aiming to exist as a temporary autonomous zone in the public sphere, a liminal space where the rules of interaction shift. Breastival Vestibule invites possibility, and celebrates resistance to the real or perceived constraints of our everyday lives.

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The Breastival Vestibule set about examining the practice of toplessness for people within & outside of mainstream society, occupying a variety of bodies and genders. With roots in 1970s feminisms that gave birth to an explosion of utopian subcultures & practice, 40 years later, Breastival asks, what does our current relationship to these movements have to show about our personal & cultural relationships to body? What does this articulate about sex and gender-based oppression and violence in the 21st Century? Through a collection of responses to questions posed in workshops & questionnaires, Breastival Vestibule considers the effects of societal norms that live inside each of us, & practices of resistance to both real & presumed limitations.

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