Breastival Vestibule


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BREASTIVAL VESTIBULE is an installation of inflatable architecture examining the practice of toplessness for people within and outside of mainstream society, occupying a variety of bodies and genders. 1970s feminisms gave birth to an explosion of utopian subcultures and practices. 40 years later, what does our current relationship to these movements have to show about our personal and cultural relationships to body? What does this articulate about sex and gender-based oppression and violence in the 21st Century? Through a collection of responses to questions posed in workshops, interviews, and questionnaires, Breastival Vestibule considers the effects of societal norms that live inside each of us, and practices of resistance to both real and presumed limitations.

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In architecture, a vestibule is a space between the indoors and the outdoors. It connects the outside world with the inside, creating a transitional space. Vestibules often have religious or ceremonial significance, marking a point of departure from the mundane world.


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